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Etiquette with formal trousers

Etiquette with formal trousers

When it comes to a Formal dress code, wether attending a wedding, cocktail Party or a Black Tie event, its never appropriate to show your funky socks. Wearing your trousers shorter than what is required. This dress code is suitable for a more casual event.

A few tips for Dressing up:

  1. Trousers should be slightly shorter in the front falling ontop of the shoe avoiding folds
  2. Trousers should be slightly longer at the back falling just above the heel of your shoe.
  3. Trousers should be tailored, not skinny but slimfit.
  4. Should have belt loops to fit a formal belt usually around 4cm width

As fashion continues to change it’s the preference of your client to wear a pleated trouser or a flat front trouser creating a more tailored and stylish fit.

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